Concrete Floor

Concrete is an extremely solid material. Unlike anhydride, the water is not a problem for it, the concrete does not fade, it does not bloom. In addition to the warm environment of a family home, it also fits into rooms with worse conditions like garages, warehouses or cellars.

Concrete floor also accumulates energy very well. Heat in the rooms stays far longer than the anhydride based floor. So you do not need to heat it up so much and you save on energy.

Of course you get a flat surface. We guarantee the flatness of 2 millimeters per 2 meters of floor.

Gravel, water and cement from which the concrete is composed are natural materials. They do not affect the human being and are harmless.

Advantages of Concrete Floor



Humidity, high temperature or frequent load is no problem. The concrete does not twist, the concrete does not mold and it also keeps the heat.



De.Mann concrete floor has a standard flatness of 2 millimeters at 2 meters.



Once your children reconstruct the house, it will not be because of the floor.



There are no excuses for the deadline. Unless some unpredictable obstacles appear (bad weather, the construction is not prepared by 3rd parties, injuries) we will fulfill the deadline.



Our experienced craftsmen can handle up to 130-200m2 floor per day.

Agreed Price
is Final


If we do not change the assignment together, the price agreed in advance is fixed. We will not surprise you with hidden costs.

How Do We Make the Concrete Floor?

Gypsum Plaster

Smooth, beautiful, precise. And also natural. Simply said a plaster that meets the highest demands of modern interior.

Gypsum plaster from De.Mann is always beautifully flat. No bubbles, no cracks, no stains. In addition, dust does not settle on it, it optimally regulates moisture and can be easily repaired.

Working with plaster does not take too long. Our experienced craftsmen can handle 500 square meters in about six days. And it can be applied to each substrate. Brick, concrete, iron, polystyrene. Gypsum plaster stays on everything.

Plaster is a natural material. It does not affect a human. On the contrary, the living with gypsum plaster is sensuous and safe.

We guarantee a five-year warranty.

Advantages of Gypsum Plaster



We approach to each wall with maximum precision. The result is a completely flat, compact and smooth surface.



Gypsum plaster can be easily repaired and you do not even need us.



Gyps does not harm to humans. Living with gypsum plaster is completely harmless to health.



We will not surprise you by increasing your budget during the work. Our agreements are valid.



Our experienced craftsmen can handle an average house of about 150 m2 in about six days.



We give a five year warranty on gypsum plaster. But of course,it will last much longer.

How Do We Make the Gypsum Plaster?